Who said plaited was dated?

         Jessica Alba

 We are so excited about this fabulous trend for Autumn and Winter 2011.
Plaits suit almost everyone and even people with short hair can work them the right way.

Plaits can have a number of very different looks, from quirky to classic!
A loose plaited up-do (See right) looks really great for those Winter days when you wear your favourite wooly jumper and scarves. This is a soft, sweet and effortless look!

Plaits can also act for a gloriously classy look such as Beyonce's do below! The bun with plait is all in so get practising in time for those christmas parties!
Jessica Alba also works the look beautifully and goes for the elegant approach. Her loose side plaits tied into a soft up-do is just perfect!

Have a go girls! It really isn't very hard. If you don't succeed, there is always a friend who has the knack.

 Effortless chic!

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